Check out the expected features of iOS 10 here

What about go even more with the icloud drive, to allow the user to copy paste manage files even more easily between iOS device to MacoS device to cloud location.On ipad multiple accounts users would be nice since we have now 128 and 256 capacity!. And more than all these, Conversational Siri! Cross your fingers!

Check out the expected features of iOS 10 here

iPad at work.

Expecting a number of moves which solidify the iPad as a PC-replacement device. Perhaps we might even see a clearer split between the phone OS and the iPad.

That would be things like better file handling, possibly some support for external storage. Improvements to the multi-tasking interface, perhaps some changes to text editing. Tie ins with IBM to see iPads displacing PCs in retail applications, office contexts and so on.

iCloud file sharing

A solution to allow files and directories to be shared with others for collaborative working. Possibly demonstrating iWork apps which allow real-time collaboration.

iPad family Sharing

allowing multiple user accounts on the same device.

On the phone…

Homekit application

There will be a push towards HomeKit. I’d also like to see a physical hub device appear.

Music App overhaul

Refocused UX for the music app.

Conversational Siri

An across the board upgrade to Siri allowing for improved understanding of context, and more Siri responses in the form of speech. More Siri code running on the device which would mean Siri responses are local and not shared with Apple servers. This would also be a boon to accessibility and the visually impaired.

Siri Extension

Hoping for some interesting progress with Siri becoming a fully fledged platform, allowing third party software to receive spoken commands and possibly respond.

This would require some kind of Siri app extensions, that could respond to spoken commands. This is difficult because some apps would attempt to respond to everything, so the OS would have to act as moderator.

Swifty UIKit

At the lower level, wonder if we are going to start to see UIKit APIs appearing in a more Swifty form.

Other than all these,  Apple should focus on  split view,pip and slide over are nice on the big 12.9″ and even on the 9.7″. But they have to rearranged on the bigger one the icons and space between them. They have to add the possibility to search in the slide over menu since more and more apps are and will support this feature, they have to allow the user to have same app like Quora or safari side by side in split view, like 2 tabs in safari and allow you to drag and drop pictures or even to drag and drop highlighted texts.


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