China defends Pakistan N policy ahead of crucial NSG meeting

Pakistan as a country never helped nuclear proliferation says Chinese foreign media

China defends Pakistan N policy ahead of crucial NSG meeting

China has come openly in support of Pakistan in its bid to get into Nuclear Suppliers Group ahead of the crucial NSG meeting slated to begin tomorrow at Seoul. Chinese foreign ministry has earlier said  that India's entry is not in the agenda of the NSG meeting. There are divisions among NSG members on giving  membership to countries like India since these nations have not signed Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. Meanwhile US has appealed to all NSG member countries to support India to get NSG membership

China's official media has defended Pakistan's nuclear record saying that  A Q Khan, Pakistan's nuclear scientist was responsible for the nuclear proliferation and the country did not support him.

An article  in state run Global Times said "While India strives for Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG) inclusion, it prevents Pakistan from joining by insisting on the latter's bad record of nuclear proliferation. Actually, the proliferation carried out by Pakistan was done by Abdul Qadeer Khan, Pakistan's chief nuclear scientist, and was not an official policy of the Pakistani government,"  The article went on to say that the Pakistan has acted against A Q Khan and he was put under house arrest. And the daily argued that if India is being given NSG membership it should go to Pakistan as well.

Pakistan is also  trying to get membership in the NSG, but main argument against it has been that the it has helped countries like Libya to acquire nuclear technology.

A Q Khan was under house arrest from 2004  to 2009 till a court declared him a free citizen.

Meanwhile US has appealed to all NSG countries to support India

"India is ready for membership and the United States calls on participating governments to support India's application at the plenary session of NSG later this week," White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest told reporters

"At same time, participating governments will need to reach a consensus decision in order to admit any applicant into the group, and the United States will certainly be advocating for India's membership," Earnest said on the eve of the 48-member grouping's plenary meeting in Seoul beginning Tuesday.

His comments came after China has said that India's membership is not on the agenda of the NSG meeting. Prime minister Narendra Modi will meet the Chinese premier Xi jinping on 23 June. Two leaders are meeting on the side lines of Shanghai Corporation Organisation which is to be held Tashkent. Two leaders are expected to discuss the issue of NSG membership in the meeting.