Chinese teen sneaks onto airplane to Dubai to become beggar

The boy thought he could earn his fortune begging in Dubai
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With the hopes of finding his fortune, a 16-year-old sneaked on board into the cargo area of an Emirates passenger plane and flew to Dubai from Shanghai airport.

The Chinese boy thought he could earn his fortune begging in the commercial hub.

He managed to jump over an airport fence at Shanghai airport and creep in to the cargo hold while the security guard was not paying attention.

The boy, who has been identified by China’s official Xinhua News Agency as Xu, made the dangerous journey because he had heard that beggars in Dubai could earn hundreds of thousands of yuan a year.

A spokesperson for Emirates did not give any information of the condition of the boy, but said: “We are co-operating fully with authorities in Dubai and as this is a police matter we are unable to comment further at this time.

Dubai is a major destination for job-seekers from around the world and also home to the world’s busiest airport for international travel.

Emirates operates numerous flights between its Dubai hub and China, including two round-trip flights daily to Shanghai and the flight lasts well over eight hours.