Civil service coaching, chapters in syllabus of higher studies : RSS way of mentoring young mind

RSS employes different methods to influence young minds

Civil service coaching, chapters in syllabus of higher studies : RSS way of mentoring young mind

When it comes to using different methods to influence young mind, the RSS has multiple methods.

This they started well before BJP could rule the country. But after coming to power at centre and some major states, the RSS seems to be reworking the school syllabus more comprehensively than before as recent reports suggest.

The latest to add into a series of efforts by the BJP is in Rajasthan. MA political science students were asked to write an essay on the programmes of BJP. Though the political parties including the Congress has slammed the decision, university authorities have not given any proper explanation for this. All that vice-chancellor could say was the students who have any objection can approach the grievance committee.

It is natural for political science students to study different political ideologies. But asking students to write on the political programmes of BJP smacks of politicisation of education. This comes close on the heels of Vasundaraja Scindia government's decision to delete Jawaharlal Nehru and other Congress freedom fighters from its VIII social science texts. Moreover this book mention RSS leader Vinayak Damodar Savarkar as a  freedom fighter.

The Vidya Bharati Akhil Bharatiya Siksha Sansthan, commonly known as Vidya Bharati , the educational wing of RSS  was established in 1978. Its objective was to provide a coherent organisational setting for the activities of the RSS in the field of education. According to its website it runs more than 20,000 schools in different parts of the country propagating RSS vision of the world and the country.

RSS, the idealogical fountainhead of BJP, emboldened by its recent success in penetrating various spheres, now have a civil service coaching centre also.

Sankalp, the  Sangh run institute has three branches in Delhi and 14 across the country. This year, 60 percent of students, who had enrolled with Sankalp cleared the UPSC exam. This includes the toppers this year, The Economic Times said in a report.

Taking a step further, the RSS joint secretary Krishna Gopal will conduct a 'mentoring class' for 600 odd successful civil servant students on July 17.  Sankalp aims to have a bureaucracy that will work towards nation building with true Indian values and ethos.

Going by activities of the RSS, now the organisation, perhaps with the tacit support of the government is spreading its wings from students to bureaucracy. What impact will it have in India's progress as a nation of composite culture remains to be seen.