Democrats protest for gun control vote, 'No bill, No break'

Republican-Democrat fight over the gun control measures continues in the US, with Democrats staging a sit-in protest in Lower House

Democrats protest for gun control vote,


Democrats hold sit-in protest on the floor of the House of Representatives to push for gun control legislation. The Democrats have been pushing for tighter gun control after the attack in Orlando gay night club killing 49 people.

Republican Speaker Paul Ryan dismissed the protest as publicity stunt.

The Democrats asked  to postpone the recess until the new legislation is debated in the House.

In the beginning it seemed as a spontaneous protest, but later the more members joined in. Sleeping bags and snacks were brought into the House for the protesting members. This kind of protest is very rare in US.


Republicans are controlling the house.  The Democrats were chanting 'No Bill, No Break'.

Presiding House officer Ted Poe entered and said the House is not in order.

He tried to clam the protesters several times but could not succeed to prevail upon them. He then announced the chamber would be in recess and left.

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As the chamber cameras were switched off, Representatives took to social media to broadcast their protest.

TV networks soon started beaming videos and images that were being streamed on Twitter's Periscope TV and Facebook Live. Some even used other apps to interview the protesting Representatives.

The feeds on social media brought hundreds of Democrat supporters to Capitol Hill.

Democrats presidential candidate Hillary Clinton also supported the protest saying that this is what real leadership looks like.

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Republicans are controlling the House.  The Democrats were chanting 'No Bill, No Break'.,

US Congress has attempted several times in the past to  pass legislation to control the unhindred gun sale. But rival parties  failed to reach consensus.

Orlando attack and the ensuing presidential election has prompted major parties to press their demand for gun reforms.


Recent poll has showed that the majority of the people want strict control for purchasing guns.

Now people  with mental health problems and criminals are barred from purchasing guns. But even those who are on the terrorism watch list can buy guns presently.

5tDemocrats are trying to gain control of US Senate and House of Representatives in the coming election.