Despite US push India's entry to elite nuclear club may not be easy

Small countries may object India's entry to NSG citing procedural issues

Despite US push India

Nuclear Suppliers Group(NSG), formed in response to India's 1974 nuclear test, is unlikely to admit the country for now, despite the best effort by US, reports bloomberg quoting diplomats with in the organisation

Though the diplomats quoted by the bloomberg admit that the organisation would need to give membership to India eventually, it may not happen now as some reports suggest.  The diplomats say terms of entry requires more negotiation to preserve the credibility of the trade controls.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi have scored a measure of diplomatic victory by winning Swiss backing for entry into the 48-nation NSG  but among other things China's continuous opposition is also weighing against India.

China has also been insisting that if any concession is given to India, a non-signatory to the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT), the same should apply to Pakistan that has allegedly been caught selling atomic weapons technology to Libya

NSG decisions are taken by consensus leaving a possibility for small countries in the group to block the entry of India.

After months negotiations in  2008, India won NSG trade exemptions. This gave India  access to advanced reactor technologies.

US state secretary has wrote to NSG  supporting India.

“India has shown strong support for the objectives of the NSG and the global nuclear nonproliferation regime and is a ‘like-minded’ state deserving of NSG admission,” Kerry said in his letter.

India, Pakistan and North Korea are the three countries out the Nuclear Non Proliferation treaty which have admitted to possessing  nuclear weapons.

The diplomats who oppose the entry of India to NSG says that unless rules are strictly followed, that would result in weakening the eligibility criterion for the entry of non -recognised nuclear states to join the NSG.

Pakistan has also applied to join the NSG.

US state secretary while recommending India to NSG has said India will co operate with Pakistan in this regard.

“With respect to other possible new members of the NSG, Indian officials have stated that India would take a merit-based approach to such applications and would not be influenced by extraneous regional issues". Bloomberg quoted him as saying.