Du gives Wi-Fi connectivity to Dubai's Wafi Mall

Seamless connectivity for those visiting the Wafi Mall is a part of the Wi-Fi UAE initiative and is projected to reach over 300 locations by the end of 2016

Du gives Wi-Fi connectivity to Dubai

Dubai's mobile services provider Du has announced the launch of WiFi UAE at the Wafi Mall in Dubai, UAE.

Visitors who will be visiting to the mall will now have access to seamless, reliable and secure connectivity to access the internet, and the choice of premium or free WiFi including high-speed internet to browse government websites and apps.

"In support of our leadership's vision of making Dubai the smartest city on the planet by 2017, we are enhancing communication and positively influencing the culture of convenience in Dubai with the roll out of our latest WiFi UAE location at Wafi Mall," said Jihad Tayara, Vice President Business Development & Partnerships, Du.

"This latest expansion of WiFi UAE is just another step towards connecting all of the UAE with public WiFi. Supporting the UAE government in enabling the fruition of our leader’s smart city vision is an ongoing effort, one which is coming to realisation before our eyes.”

WiFi UAE is an initiative aiming to enable seamless WiFi connectivity throughout the UAE with more than 300 locations by the end of the year 2016.

Du offers users two types of internet connection packages.
WiFi UAE is a free WiFi service and WiFi UAE Premium (a paid service that allows users an unlimited upload/download function for a very affordable price.)

Du has introduced WiFi UAE in a number oareas which are generally crowded with visitors/passengers including RTA serviced areas such as the Dubai Metro and Tram, malls, Emaar Boulevard Downtown Dubai and Global Village, to name a few.

It provides fast and free access to all government websites and apps. Depending on the type of utility l you can enable Du’s premium WiFi service facilities regardless of the network provider you use.

All you need to access the premium WiFi service is a UAE mobile number and a WiFi-capable device. This includes all such gadgets including smartphones, laptops, tablets, gaming devices and more.