Dubai Police asks to take extra care during Ramadan traffic rush

With the month of Ramadan beginning, the Dubai Police has appealed to the travelers, to take extra care while traveling during the fasting hours. Practices like over speeding and rushing should not be done, as they have proved life taking at many unfortunate instances.

Dubai Police asks to take extra care during Ramadan traffic rush

Dubai residents buckle up for new Ramadan rush hour.
Dubai Police appeal to motorists to drive safely during the fasting month

With the start of Ramadan beckoning, new work hours, coupled with reckless driving during iftar time, has prompted an appeal from Dubai Police authorities for motorists to slow down and adhere to traffic rules for everyone’s safety during the fasting month.

The drivers should take extra scare by simultaneously following traffic speed limits and maintaining a safe vehicle distance.

“We urge motorists not to rush; as this put them, their family and others at risk,” said Colonel Saif Muhair Al Mazrouei, Director of the Dubai Police Traffic Directorate.

“Drivers should adhere to the speed limits and maintain a safe distance and drive safely, especially during the month of Ramadan.”

During Ramadan, the working hours will also change which in turn will lead to change on the year-round traffic rush hour, with this year, the Federal Authority for Government Human Resources announcing the working hours for federal civil servants over the month would be from 9am to 2pm.

Meanwhile, the private sector is legally entitled to working six hours a day over Ramadan, as opposed to the standard eight-hour workdays.

This could further affect the morning and afternoon commute if the workday now begins at 9am, as opposed to 8am and ends by 3pm.

Commuters can expect peak rush hour traffic between 7am-9am, followed by 3pm-5pm.

Motorists should be further vary in the 30 minutes before iftar time or sunset.

Over-speeding has been cited as the main cause of the accidents during Ramadan.

Al Mazrouei has called on members of the public to monitor violators of traffic regulations on the roads and streets of the emirate, and inform the police of the wrong behavior with the ‘We are all police’ programme.

Individuals can take advantage of the service by downloading the app on their smartphones. One can alternatively dial the command and control centre’s toll free number 800 4353