Dubai Tecom to be called Barsha heights

Dubai's Tecom has been renamed as Barsha Heights by the parent construction company, Tecom Group. The formerly nameless neighbourhood just a few steps away from the area has also been named as Sufouh Garden. Opinions and tweets about this context are surely needed to be seen.

Dubai Tecom to be called Barsha heights

If you're habitual of referring your address as "Tecom", then you need to stop and sink in to the change that has been implemented.

The parent company which has led to infrastructure growth of the area, Tecom Group, have stated that the residential and commercial neighbourhood has undergone an offcial change in name, and will now be known as "Barsha Heights".

Brace yourselves for the awkward and confusing address referrals during boarding taxis and elaborating the change after the fact is made clear regarding the name change of "Tecom" to "Barsha Heights".

The formerly nameless neighbourhood just over the road, situated next to Gems Wellington International School, and dubbed by Tecom Group as “one of Dubai’s best kept secrets,” has also received a new name – "Sufouh Gardens".

While an official document from Tecom Group detailing why the name changes have been made is yet to be released.

Since, there is not much light on the reasons describing the process of the name change of "Tecom" to "Barsha Heights" but changes like these surely take a while to settle with the ground of the society mostly because of habitual addressing reasons.

With the name changing actually taking place, the residents/office workers who have their homes/office established in that area, tweeted their opinions on twitter, some are funny, some are funnier and some are funniest.

Some commenting on the posh characteristic of the name, some commenting on the process of change and some just commenting because they want to,
Tweets on this topic are surely a treat to read, coming from the people associated to this area in some way or the other.

ASY on Twitter

Rasha Ghanem on Twitter

Kiera Doherty ☀ كيرا on Twitter

This one being our personal favorite,

Laura Dunkley de Wit on Twitter

A lot of tweets, a lot of opinions on the effective name change of "Tecom" to "Barsha Heights" surely has become a general topic of discussion amongst the residents and we are sure, it is going to stay for a while.