'Dump with Trump', toilet paper with Donald Trump's face on sale

According to Chinese newspaper China Daily, Qingdao Wellpaper Industrial Co., the manufacturer of the "Dump with Trump" toilet paper, has taken 50 orders for the special toilet paper

Donald Trump's popularity is on such a stage at the moment, that toilet paper with his face on it is also leading the board.

According to Chinese state newspaper China Daily, Qingdao Wellpaper Industrial Co. (the manufacturer of the "Dump with Trump" toilet paper) has taken 50 orders for special "Dump with Trump" toilet paper. Meanwhile, they have only received eight orders for Hillary Clinton toilet paper.

Quartz, a digital news outlet, draws our attention to an article posted in the Chinese newspaper reveals that sales of toilet paper rolls with Trump’s pouting face on them have been “rising rapidly” all year.

The toilet paper rolls, which have been given the brand name “Dump With Trump,” are being manufactured by the Chinese company says it started experiencing a spike in sales in mid-February this year.

“At the start, orders were for around 100 rolls a time, but now we’re getting orders for 5,000 rolls,” a saleswoman said.

Further investigation by Quartz shows that a total of 78 different Trump toilet paper products were up for sale on China's leading e-commerce site Alibaba. Contrary to the Trump numbers, they found only 16 Clinton toilet paper products and not even a single one featuring Bernie Sanders.

China's manufacturing sector seems to be going all in on Trump 2016. Making America great again by manufacturing T-shirts, badges and hats to sell to his supporters over Alibaba's overseas shopping site.

And this isn’t even the first time that Trump theme based toilet papers have made it to the headlines this year. During the month of March, a company called Novelty Gyfts launched a kickstarter project for Trump toilet paper called
“Make America Poop Again”
. But unfortunately, the kickstarter project was discontinued by 16 March.

Last week, a Chinese party supply factory weighed in on the 2016 presidential race, predicting that Donald Trump would be the winner and stockpiling thousands upon thousands of Trump masks in preparation for the Halloween season.

This is surely funny and, in times when the people and media troll Donald Trump in every way possible and you just cannot imagine anything going down for him any further, companies like these outdo trolling ideas and tactics, and come up with hilarious "shit" like this. ALL THE TIME!!

"What a shitty world it is?", right Mr. Trump?