Easier to claim a gun than a puppy in US

Walk in to a gun store with cash, come out with a gun!

Easier to claim a gun than a puppy in US

The way American laws are framed, guns are easier to get more than adopting a puppy.

If the guns are bought from a guns store, the background checks and waiting periods might slow a little but only very little!

In order to a driver's licence, one has to admit his identity proof, pass the vision and written tests, drive along the streets through a couple of weeks with a learner's permit. Then pass the driver's test. In other states of US, like Maryland, the driver would be put under probationary status for a few months.

But to have a gun no one needs a proficiency test or basic knowledge. You don't need a licence or a permit to buy a gun, unless you are a resident of one of the 13 states of US which laws it to have one. After you acquire the gun, you ca start using it from the same day without any probationary period.

To have a passport you have to prove that you are an US citizen with the required paperwork and a photo and usually have a log wait for six months before you can get your hands on your first U.S. passport.

At the gun store, the dealer would run your name through FBI's criminal list records to have a background check, with the right amount of money on the counter, the gun is yours. If you're buying from a private seller
you don't even have to go through a background check in most states.

As far as even cold medicines are concerned, there is a limit to the number of medicines you can buy from a pharmacist for a month, That's because the active ingredient in most of the cold medicines is pseudoephedrine, which is also a key ingredient in making meth. So, the forces would want to make sure you are not upto anything nasty!

No laws would limit the number of guns a person can buy, except cash.

To get a divorce a person has to wait for six months. For a gun purchase, be it online or offline, a person does not have to wait.

Of all it is the most difficult to own a pet, you have to be 21, show ID and might even be asked to provide personal references. In some cases, the adoption agency may do a home check before handing over the pet. For a gun no one is going to even check if you have a home!