Ex Detectives Roger Rogerson and Glen McNamara guilty of Jamie Gao's murder

Former New South Wales Detectives, Roger Rogerson and Glen McNamara have been found guilty of 20 year-old student, Jamie Gao's murder. The Detectives had pleaded to be clear of the murder charges but they are now confirmed guilty of the 20 year-old Sydney student's murder.

Ex Detectives Roger Rogerson and Glen McNamara guilty of Jamie Gao

The infamous former detectives hailing from New South Wales, Roger Rogerson and co-accused Glen McNamara had murdered a 20 year-old Sydney student Jamie Gao two years ago in which after killing him in a storage unit, the murdered body was dumped at sea which has been found out by a jury member.

During the trial of these two former detectives, Roger Rogerson who is 75 years old, and Glen McNamara who is 57 years old, which was in gradual process over the continuous stretch of four months at the NSW supreme court, both of them pleaded to be clean of this charge and stated that they had no involvement in the murder of the shooting death of the 20-year-old, Jamie Gao.

What is noteworthy here is that it just took six and a half days for the jury officials to reject the possibility of their versions of the events which could have happened and unanimously declared both of the involved detectives as guilty of murder.

The jurisdiction panel of seven men and five women also went ahead to frame guilty verdicts on both the convicts on the account of commercial drug supply after accepting prosecution allegations that McNamara and Rogerson “ripped off” Gao of 2.78kg of the drug ice.

Roger Rogerson and second former detective shot Jamie Gao,the police has alleged.

Gao's family had welcomed the verdict and had appreciated the course of justice, by tracking and bringing down two very dangerous criminals by decoding the intricate case which was continuously been disintegrated in the premises of the court over the four months.

"But while this is the verdict our family were hoping would be delivered, true justice can never really be served," a statement from Gao's family said.

They expressed details on the immature and reckless activities that Jamie could have been involved into but in no way did Jamie deserve death punishment which was ruthlessly carried out in this case. They also expressed that he had a complete life in front of him to right his wrongs and he could have pursued life as a better person.

“No matter what today’s findings are or the sentence that is given, it won’t change the fact that Jamie remains absent from the lives of our family – the people who love him – and we miss him every single day.”

The decision seemed very hard to swallow for Rogerson during the span of moments when the verdict was being announced on Wednesday morning, while McNamara was just present there and took it as it was served standing beside him.

Justice Geoffrey Bellew appreciated the jury members involved by forwarding their services to the verdict, telling them the trial had carried on far longer than anyone expected and each was exempted from further jury service for life.