'Free trade is rape', Trump says torture as an effective tool to combat terror

Trump said he loved waterboarding a lot and it has to be made more effective

Donald Trump the presumptive Republican candidate for US president election has used the Istanbul terror attack to drive home once again his programmes to combat terror.  Trump reiterated his love for torture methods like waterboarding, which the Bush administration had banned in 2006 for being  potentially illegal and ineffective.

Donald Trump on several earlier occasions have defended the alleged war crimes committed by the US troops.  At an election rally in Ohio he said " we have to fight fire with fire".

Trump said that while the terror  groups were beheading  and  drowning prisoners , United States are afraid of even doing waterboarding. This according to him makes the terror groups to believe that US is weak and stupid.

On waterboarding he  said " he liked it a lot and don't think  it tough enough"

Prior to his campaign in Ohio Trump's office issued a statement condemning the terror attack in Istanbul and added that "there is something going on which is really really bad"

Trump also spoke about his another favourite subject of free trade. Coming heavily down on the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP)  Trump compared it with rape. He said the agreement is "actually rape to our country"

Months back while denouncing trade agreements with China, Trump had said that "US can't allow China to rape our country". He had also accused Mexican government of deliberately sending rapists to US.

Trump was addressing  Ohio rally after the primary in March.  Ohio is a important swing state and no Republican candidate has  won the White House without winning Ohio.