Google doodle marks Father's day

The Google doodle which is famous for the ultra creative pictographic messages, has a message today, on account of Father's day in many countries. Google pays its respect and gratitude to all the fathers out there who have done the best they could have in the upbringing of their children.

Google doodle marks Father

June 19, which is the third Sunday of June is marked as Father's day in a lot of countries, is a day when when the society gets together to celebrate the efforts of fathers throughout the society, imparting a sense of appreciation of fatherhood and parental bond.

With the day observed and dedicated entirely to fathers, Google has come with a doodle which is saying a lot.


First things first, google just wins at fusing its logo with any message. Let us just take a moment to appreciate that.

On a personal level, I feel the the doodle says a lot.


The way Google has teamed up on this doodle is nothing short of brilliance and gives a lot of power to the society.

The doodle is reflected with two pairs of shoes, one being a father's and the other being a child's.

The pairs are seemed to be on a mat together , which gives out a sense of togetherness irrespective of the life situations either of the family members are in. They stick together on every platform and father's have always been there to guide their children in all worldly matters.

The doodle also says a lot about personality evolution. It can be valued as a basis of evolution of children to turn out into personalities like their parents. Children originating from their parents, undergo the inherited life phases which draws a parallel line of comparison in terms of phases of life between the parents and children.
The kind of personality a parent grows up into, the shoes are surely to be filled in by his/her child.

The Google doodle is surely all sorts of heart touching definition. The day is observed to appreciate the love, care, support and sacrifice which at some point a father has selflessly done for his children. This father-child bond is unique and has a special essence in the atmosphere of life and it is very necessary to compliment and admire each other once in a moment irrespective of our wrapped up busy lives.