Great horror movies from the last decade you might have missed

When it comes to horror films, the good ones are few and far between, but when it comes to GREAT ones, well those are even harder to come across. Every year, movie theaters are flooded with the usual �possession� films or �ghost stories.� Not that that�s a problem. The problem lies in the fact that there seems to be no originality anymore, and when it comes to mainstream horror films, this ends up being their biggest downfall.

Great horror movies from the last decade you might have missed

Lovely Molly (2011)

From director Eduardo Sánchez (The Blair Witch Project, Altered) comes a film about a girl named Molly (Gretchen Lodge) who moves into her childhood home out in the country along with her husband Tim (Johnny Lewis). Soon after they move in, strange things begin happening. Molly starts to become haunted by old memories that she thought she had forgotten.

Tim is a truck driver who needs to leave and be away for his work, which leaves Molly, a recovering heroin addict alone at home. While he’s away, the memories that haunt her cause her to slip back into old habits and that leads to even more “odd” behavior. She starts video-taping the neighbors, talking to dead animals, and even seems to be sexually assaulted by nothing at all.

The Loved Ones (2009)

Prom night should be one of the highlights of your high school career right? Boy or girl, you get to dress up and look nice, go out to dinner, then go have a great time with all of your friends. Hell, you may even get lucky. Unfortunately for Brent (Xavier Samuel), “lucky” isn’t how you would describe what happens to him.

Lola (Robin McLeavy), or “Princess” as she is called by her father, is a shy and quiet high school girl with the dream of taking Brent to prom. The only problem is that Brent already has a date: his girlfriend. Because of this, he refuses Lola’s request to be her date. She doesn’t take too kindly to this, so one day while Brent is listening to music, unaware of his surroundings, he is attacked from behind by a man and is knocked unconscious.

Kill List (2011)

Every so often you come across a film that leaves you with more questions than answers, and you would be hard-pressed to find one that does so as much as Kill List. Director Ben Wheatley (Sightseers, A Field In England) tells us the tale of Jay (Neil Maskell), a retired hit-man, who has fallen on hard times and is persuaded by his friend to join him for one last “job.”

Jay is hesitant at first. He promised his wife that he was finished with that line of work after a botched job a year earlier. He knows that the money is too good to pass up and the more he looks at his son and his family’s financial situation, the more he realizes what he needs to do. What follows is what can only be described as complete madness.
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