Hello Moto Z : Lenovo transforming Motorola phones

Lenovo owned mobile company, Motorola has captured the market because of the quality it has been providing to the customers in the form of price, specifications, features and user interface. Moto G series and Moto X series have surely made the brand rise to a great mark. With the Moto Z family being introduced in the market, the company surely aims to change how people look at mobile cellular phones.

Hello Moto Z : Lenovo transforming Motorola phones

The Moto Z from the house of Motorola is expected to hit the markets by the coming September. Motorola has always been in buzz because of the technological aspects of their phones' projection to the market and at the same time how it successfully becomes an option worth buying when customers actually look outside to buy a phone.

Talking about the features and specifications of the phone, the first thing that catches the attention of people is the way, the company won't be enabling it with an audio jack. Lenovo has made its decision of proceeding their android based smartphones without the presence of the 3.55mm audio jack. As of the latest updates, neither Moto Z nor Moto Z Force will be having the audio port and will be accessorized with a USB-C adapter only.

With the trend of having slim phones, how they look sophisticated and how they turn out to look elegant is the reason why Lenovo has planned to proceed without an audio port in the phones and therefore, making them slimmer and providing the customers with something that is not yet prevalent in the market of cellular phones.

The second thing, the Moto Z family will be introducing is the establishing the inception of detachable mods in the smart phone market. There are different mods which can be attached to the phone and also come in handy services like providing projection screens, expanded speakers, battery chargers etc. which is something which the mainstream market hasn't witnessed till now.

For example, you can just attach a detachable speaker mod to the panel your Moto Z phone and can facilitate yourself with the extra boom and thump enabled by the mod.

The concept of introducing mods to phones can be imagined as of something which holds potential and can grow in the coming times. Accessorizing and providing upgraded hardware features to the handset is a planted seed for now, which we can hope that it marks its growth in the coming times.

This video by The Verge is a description of how the audio port disabled and mod enabled phone will look once it hits the market and as well as specifying the general comparison of specs between the Moto Z phones :

Moto Z and Moto Mods first look

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