Hizbul Kashmir commander threatens Army, assures safety of Amarnath yatris

Burhan Muzhaffar said Hindus who have lands in Kashmir can come and settle there, but won't allow outsiders to come and settle in Kashmir

Hizbul Kashmir commander threatens Army, assures safety of Amarnath yatris

Hizbul Mujahideen’s top Kashmir commander  Burhan Muzaffar, 23, on Tuesday released a video threatening J&K Police and the media for supporting New Delhi in Kashmir. He owned the successive recent strikes which killed six cops and three BSF personnel.

“Indian Army is our enemy. But not the Kashmir Police. They are our own people. But then why do they attack us,” Burhan asks in the six minute video. “This has forced us to attack and kill some of their personnel. And we will continue to do so, if they don’t turn their gun against India rather than towards us”.

The commander, who has emerged as the poster boy for the new militancy in Kashmir, however, assured that the militants will not attack pilgrims coming for Amarnath yatra later this month. “A BSF officer said that the militants have plans to attack Amarnath yatries. But I want to make it clear that we have no such plans. Nor do we want to do this. Yatris are here to perform their religious duty and we are not against it,” he said.

Burhan, however, said that they were against the construction of the Sainik colony in the state. “If efforts are made to build such a colony in Valley, we will not allow it to happen,” Kashmir belongs to Kashmiris. Only we have the right on its land. No outsider will be allowed to settle here”.

He also spoke against separate Kashmiri Pandit settlements. “Hindus of Kashmir who are living outside the state can return to the places in Kashmir where they have their houses and the land. We will protect them. But we will not allow separate enclaves here,” he says. ‘India wants to build Israeli type settlements in Kashmir. And we will not allow it to happen”.

Burhan also asked the media in Kashmir to desist from putting out only India’s version. “You call us terrorists. If we were one, we would have destroyed your networks and infrastructure by now. But we didn’t do it,” he says. “So you should think for yourself and stop supporting India”.