How Apple MacBook is superior to other branded laptops?

"Apple's multi-touch glass touchpad is still the benchmark. The combination of a smooth glass surface, convenient pressure point, precise execution and smart drivers under OS X is more or less unrivalled in the Windows world. Here we can see the result of the close relationship between software and hardware. Scrolling, zooming and swiping work flawlessly and without any apparent problems".

How Apple MacBook is superior to other branded laptops?

Better integration of hardware and software

Apple makes MacBooks (hardware) as well as Mac OS (software). This is not seen of other manufacturers like Dell, HP, Lenovo etc. which make the hardware of their computers and run Windows (which is developed by Microsoft, a software company). Therefore, Apple knows exactly what software to pair with what hardware, and when done correctly, yields great result.

More manageable product range

Apple offers just two laptop variants with the MacBook Air (11 and 13), and two with the MacBook Pro (13 and 15). That's it. In each, there are only up to three configurable versions albeit ones which can tailor to the needs of almost each and every customer. Contrast this with competitors like Dell or HP which offer so many mind-boggling options that a prospective laptop PC costumer is sure to get confused between the options and his needs. Apple has managed to service the needs of almost every prospective customer with its perfectly manageable, yet diverse product range.

Superior build quality

All MacBooks are built from a single piece of aluminium, i.e. unibody aluminium chassis, with no inconsistent gaps, joins and resulting creaks, or torsion yielding. The aluminium provides lightness as well as strength to the laptop and the sandblasted exteriors make for the perfect oomph worthy of a true, high-end laptop. We rarely get to see such build quality from laptops shipping with Windows.

Near-perfect input devices

The Macbook keyboard has just the perfect dimensions for reach with fingers of both hands, just the perfectly sized keys, just the perfect key travel, just the perfect pressure points/ feedback and just the perfect minimal clattering noise while typing. The black chiclet design with the  automatic sixteen-stage pure white backlit illumination is the cherry on the cake.

Apart from all these facts, many structures of apple products are still the bench mark in the technology world.


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