How RICH is a yoga teacher?

Training for teachers seems to be expensive. Vinyasa level I starts at $3500/week Bikram training is even more. Considering that most teachers get a percentage fee from the studio and are not working full 40 hours/week. What is their average monthly/annual income?

How RICH is a yoga teacher?

Income from teaching yoga varies greatly...

The staple income for most instructors is teaching regular weekly classes at studios and gyms. Some variables here:

  • Some studios pay teachers per each student in attendance and this amount varies by studio (typically around 40% of class fee). Some community or low cost classes may offer teachers only $2-$3/per student and income goes up and down with the number of students in class so holidays, bad weather, or a class at a "slow time" all affect the net result greatly.

  • Other studios (and typically gyms) pay by the class regardless of number of students in attendance (this amount varies by gym but a average range is $40-$60/class)

Additional sources of income may include:

  • Private students and semi-private students (range here is $75 - $200+ per session) - these can be privates taught in the students home, or small groups in work environments, schools, etc.

  • Assistant teaching (usually unpaid but some studios will pay a small amount per person in class)

  • Leading workshops or special classes (usually split between the teacher and the studio/gym and income varies by cost of workshop per student and number of attendees)

  • Subbing for other teachers - most teachers pick up several additional classes a week this way

The most successful teachers I have personally known have made over $100K annually - these were the top teachers in their market and kept very full public and private class schedules.  Much more average is a teacher that makes  between $30 to $40K annually and still keeps a very busy schedule. And many people choose to teach under 10 classes/week and view the income as secondary to their "main" job.

Of course there are those who've made it to celebrity status and six-figure incomes based on seniority or  clever marketing and a trademarked service offering but, primarily, it really depends on location, experience level, and that special je ne sais quoi that creates a  community of students who will consistently show up for class.


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