How Trump is going to take advantage of the Orlando attack

Statements from Donald Trump suggest that he and his supporters will use the Orlando attack to polarise electorate

How Trump is going to take advantage of the Orlando attack

Terror attacks always have political fall outs.

During the time of elections the impact will be more extensive.

This could be specially true for the upcoming US presidential election in which one of the candidate is trying making terrorism a main campaign issue, identifying it with a particular religion.

So is Orlando nightclub attack going to help Republican presumptive candidate Donald Trump? The immediate reaction from the Trump camp seems to suggest that he is going to use one of the worst attack in the history of US in his campaign.

The first reaction of Donald Trump says it all. He tweeted that how right it was for identifying radical Islam as a threat to United States. The tweet also reflects his game plan for the future.

More over this comes at a time when Hillary Clinton, the presumptive Democratic candidate is gaining advantage  because of Trump's misplaced comments on religion, migrants, racism etc.

Trump statements demanding tough actions against immigrants was widely shared on social media by his supporters.

More than this Trump has used this opportunity to reiterate his demand to ban Muslim immigrants from entering into the US. His statement regarding Muslim immigrants have evoked world wide condemnation. But Trump never cared to backtrack from his stated position. More so this new incident has helped him to continue with demagogic politics more virulently.

Trump has used this incident to attack Hillary and Obama. He attacked Obama for not using the word radical Islam.  He even asked Obama to resign for not using the term radical Islam." President Obama disgracefully refused to use the word ' radical Islam'. For that reason alone he should step down." He said in a statement.

We cant have Hillary as President he tweeted

Like Obama, Hillary also identified the Orlando incident as an act of terror and she called for stringent restrictions for gun.

Going by the tweets and statements it is for sure that Trump camp is going to use the incident for polarising the electorate. Their demand may strike chord with reluctant Trump supporters who subscribe Republican right wing ideology.

The second generation immigrants, which the killer Mateen  represents, will be subjected to more surveillance, which could accentuate the process of alienation.

And Trump is all there to take advantage of this in the November election.