Identity of Gunman who shot Christina Grimmie

On Monday, a very unfortunate event happened which involved the shooting of the ex-Voice contestant, Cristina Grimmie in Orlando just after her concert. The talented singer was just 22 years old and was signing merchandise and giving away autographs to her fans when this man comes out and had shot her dead.

Identity of Gunman who shot Christina Grimmie

The Voice ex-participant and 22 year old singing sensation, Cristina Grimmie was shot on Monday right after her performance in a concert which was in Orlando.

The shooting took place when the performer was signing merchandise and giving away autographs to her fans when this man comes out of the crowd and shoots the 22 year old singer.

Grimmie's brother tackled the gunman (who had two guns and a hunting knife) and in the process of the struggle, the shooter shot himself and died at the very moment.

The Orlando Police has revealed the identity of the gunman. The intention held by the gunman who shot Cristina Grimmie is not clear at this point of the investigation.

Chief of Orlando Police, John Mina, said that the shooter's name was Kevin James Loibl (27 years old) who was from St. Petersburg.

This is the photo of the lone shooter, Kevin James Loibl.

The police also said that the gunman didn't know the 22 year old singer personally but they believe the shooter to be a maniacal fan.

After tackling with Grimmie's brother, Kevin James Loibl shot himself too.

Cristina Grimmie first came to the limelight as a youtuber who used to post her songs online and later on, as a contesting face in The Voice
(US), who won a lot of hearts because of her talent.

Mr Mina said, "She was doing a meet-and-greet, just signing autographs and selling merchandise."

"This white male approached her and opened fire, striking her."

The Orlando Police further appreciated the efforts of Marcus Grimmie (elder brother of Cristina Grimmie) as he showed no hesitation in confronting the dangerous and disturbed shooter which surely lead to the prevention of further damage.

The unfortunate incident took place on Monday and the late 22 year-old singer was paid tribute by her fans and admirers on social media with #RIPCristina and #RIPCristinaGrimmie being on top of the trends.

Twitter handles went ahead recalling her older clips and appreciating the talent that she was.

iHeartRadio on Twitter

A lot of celebrities came ahead and conveyed their heartfelt prayers to the late young singer.

Becky G. on Twitter

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"People depart from the world, but their art keeps them alive."

RIP Cristina Grimmie.