India-US Joint Statement during PM Modi’s visit to USA

India and US today pledged to pursue new opportunities to bolster economic growth and sustainable development

India-US Joint Statement during PM Modi’s visit to USA

India and US today pledged to pursue new opportunities to bolster economic growth and sustainable development, promote peace and security. In a joint statement both countries reiterated their commitment to strengthen inclusive, democratic governance and respect for universal human rights. The leaders welcomed the significant progress made in bilateral relations between India and United States during their tenure, in accordance with the road maps set out in the Joint Statements issued during Prime Minister Modi's visit to the United States in September 2014 and President Obama's visit to India in January 2015.

Both the leaders welcomed the start of preparatory work on site in India for six AP 1000 reactors to be built by Westinghouse and noted the intention of India and the U.S. Export-Import Bank to work together toward a competitive financing package for the project. Once completed, the project would be among the largest of its kind, fulfilling the promise of the US-India civil nuclear agreement and demonstrating a shared commitment to meet India's growing energy needs while reducing reliance on fossil fuels.

Both sides welcomed the announcement by the Nuclear Power Corporation of India Ltd. and westinghouse that engineering and site design work will begin immediately and the two sides will work toward finalizing the contractual arrangements by June 2017. The joint statement said, United States and India share common climate and clean energy interests and are close partners in the fight against climate change. The United States and India also announced creation of a $20 million US-India Clean energy Finance (USICEF) initiative, equally supported by the United States and India, which is expected to mobilize up to $400 million to provide clean and renewable electricity to up to 1 million households by 2020.

President Obama thanked the Prime Minister Modi for his substantive contribution to and active participation in 2016 Nuclear Security Summit in Washington, D.C., and welcomed his offer to host a Summit on Countering Weapons of Mass Destruction Terrorism in 2018. The Statement said United States and India will work together to combat the threat of terrorists accessing and using chemical, biological, nuclear and radiological materials. Recalling their shared commitment to preventing proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and their means of delivery, the leaders looked forward to India's imminent entry into the Missile Technology Control Regime.

President Obama welcomed India's application to join the Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG), and re-affirmed that India is ready for membership. The United States called on NSG Participating Governments to support India's application when it comes up at the NSG Plenary later this month. The leaders affirmed their support for U.S. India cooperation. Mr Modi extended an invitation for Obama to visit India at his convenience.