India versus Pakistan cricket matches fixed admits ICC

The admission by ICC to tweak the matches involving arch rivals India and Pakistan has come as a rude shock to cricket fans. The move is no surprise since the matches of these sub- continental giants are money spinners

India versus Pakistan cricket matches fixed admits ICC

In what comes as big shock to the cricket fans . The cricket's ruling body the ICC has come out with a bombshell information.  The International Cricket Council (ICC) has  reportedly admitted to tweaking draws so as to pit India against Pakistan in major tournaments, The Telegraph reported.

The report comes in hours after the announcement that India will begin their ICC Champions Trophy title defence with a Group B clash against arch-rivals Pakistan. The two nations will play each other in Edgbaston on June 4. The 2017 tournament will be held in England.

Speaking to The Telegraph, ICC chief executive Dave Richardson said:
“No doubt we want to try to put India versus Pakistan in our event… It’s hugely important from an ICC point of view. It’s massive around the world and the fans have come to expect it as well. It’s fantastic for the tournament because it gives it a massive kick.”

Richardson, however, denied that it had a negative impact on the integrity or fairness of the tournament.

“What we try and do is make sure that when you add up the rankings of the different groups, they all add up to the same number of points. You can do that in a number of ways. So long as the pools are balanced, it’s silly to avoid [the fixture] when you can fairly cater for it,” he told The Telegraph.

This will be the fifth edition in succession where India and Pakistan are scheduled to meet in the group stage.
An India Pakistan encounter is always seen as a money spinner by the organisers. During the 2015 World Cup too, India's first match was against Pakistan and later on the World T20 2016 they were slotted in the same group .