India born journalist acquitted of paedophilia charges in UK

The court said it is is worrying that prosecution pursued the case on the basis of a phone call from a vigilante group

‘Sexual grooming’ charges levelled against Indian origin journalist Hassan Suroor has been dropped by Britian’s Crown Prosecution centre citing lack of evidence.

“Following a further review of the case there is now no longer a realistic prospect of conviction,” CPS told the Blackfriars Crown Court in a written submission. Suroor said he is  considering to sue the vigilante group called Unknown TV.

The judge criticised the prosecutions handling the case. Judge said it is a worrying trend that serious cases like this are pursued on the basis of phone call from vigilante groups.

Hassan Surror was charged for paedophilia, after he was stung by a vigilante group. He was ‘caught’ when he was trying to meet a 14 year old girl with whom he had exchanged sexually suggestive messages. Suroor has admitted that he had met the 14 year old girl online.