India's automotive buyer: Need immediate lift

Now the time has come for the Indian automotive buyers to participate fully in the Indian automotive industry through their thinking and imagination


Maybe you never think that Indian automotive buyer's mind have any crucial role in the Indian automotive industry except the buying-selling perspective. In this case, you will see if you think deeply in its direction and you will observe that their immediate makeover is an essential need for the Indian automotive industry. The reason is that the Indian automotive consumers never participate fully for the benefits of the Indian automotive industry. They only participate in the selling segment for their immediate need. Now the time has come for the Indian automotive buyers to participate fully in the Indian automotive industry through their thinking and imagination. It will help the Indian automotive industry to get to know the pure mind of the Indian consumers and their liking as well.


Over the years, the Indian automobile makers never give importance to the indigenous design for the exclusive Indian mind. They never try to understand the power of the Indian automobile buyer's mind. The reason is that they always like to make the maximum benefits from their sale and make the consistency in their profit margin. However, they should know that if the Indian buyers could not be educated in their selection procedure, then they would never become an innovative designer for their automobile as well.

Actually, they should read the mind of the Indian automobile buyers like a forensic artist who can draw the criminal sketch from the witness’s mind reading. It is a unique skill and difficult to achieve. In this case, the Indian automobile manufacturers never follow this route as well. Nowadays, the Indian automobile designers follow the Western designing principle. Because, it will save their time and money also.
Moreover, it is time-tested procedure, which done through extensive trial and errors from the side of the Western automobile designers. It is true that the Western automobile designers always give extra importance for the buyer's imagination and likings. Therefore, they would make it possible for creating a new design for every new car without any hitch as well. Sometimes, it is observed that the buyer's participation in the car designing competition brings some new inspiration for the incoming model designing procedure. You will observe that the Western automobile designers follow the buyer's emotion, which is highly visible in their car designing as well.
Nevertheless, the Indian automobile designers who always follow the geometric form in their car-designing concept, which sometimes compensates with mileage and price manipulation. Therefore, they highlight the car's mileage and its price as their advertising target. Even, the Indian buyer's mind also overlooks it unconsciously or consciously as well.


When an Indian buyer goes to buy a new car, he or she will first look for the mileage advantage before anything comes later in his or her selection process. From the side of the Indian automobile makers, they should give a unique opportunity for the Indian buyers who can open their imagination and think in such a way that it can heal the Indian automobile industry. If you think deeply in this regards, then you will see that sometimes the importance of price tag is preoccupied in the mind of the Indian customers in such a way that they never get away from it. Therefore, it hampers their imagination as well.


Actually, motivation comes through participation and free interaction. Moreover, it will happen when you will get the way to express your imagination and liking through proper direction. In this case, the Indian automobile manufacturers should organize the different kinds of competition regarding designing, feature hunting or innovative ideas as well. Therefore, the Indian buyers will be motivated to participate in this extravaganza for their upcoming car model with their own imagination. Actually, it is a great responsibility for the Indian automobile industry to inculcate the musing of innovation into the mind of the Indian automobile buyers.


It is a crucial criterion for the Indian auto mobile industry to give a birth of a new kind of customization. It should be highlighted in every segment of the automobile manufacturing. Particularly where aesthetic as well as generic matter should be covered as well. If you think about the color customization of the car, then you will see that in India, silver, blue and red is used in the large numbers. However, you will never see yellow, cream or any light shade. The reason is that the Indian automobile makers think that it will fade with time due to the tropical climate of India.
Nevertheless, in the reality, you will find that this type of light or bright color will minimize the accident events and increases its resale value. This resale value is very much important for the automobiles buyers as well. Even, any Indian automobile buyer could put his or her idea to the prospective manufacturer for his or her customized vehicle, which will give a unique touch to the Indian buyer's pride. Honestly speaking, customization is a key for the Indian automobile manufacturers to allure the Indian buyers in the large numbers. Moreover, it will bring the solid bonding with their automobile makers as well.


A perfect choice always happens when demand and supply work all together in a friendly manner. In this case, both the Indian automobile makers and the Indian buyers can play a pivotal role in this matter. You should keep in your mind that choice never happens from one-way direction but it works both way directions as well.
It is true that if you like to see the vibrant Indian automobile industry in the future, then you should never wait for the Indian buyers to participate in its automobile development. Rather, they should bring the atmosphere, which will invite the Indian buyer's attention.