iPhone maker Apple is losing the plot, falling behind; find out why

Apple under Tim Cook is turning confusing and is not the same as it was under the leadership of Steve Jobs, who believed in keeping things simple.
Apple deal with US cable operators fail.

iPhone makers Apple have been known to bring out products that appeal to the market with its simplistic yet captivating design but lately things have been different under the leadership of Apple CEO Tim Cook. Ken Segall, who had been an advisor to Steve Jobs for over a decade and worked with him on marketing campaigns like ” Think Different”, and bringing the iconic “i” to the Apple products. He has criticised the current approach of Apple in his new book Think Simple: How Smart Leaders Defeat Complexity, and in his recent article for The Guardian “How Apple lost its way: Steve Jobs’ love of simplicity is gone”.

When one of the biggest names in Apple’s history and a close aide of the late Steve Jobs pens down words in criticism of Apple, surely there will be raised eyebrows and be noticed by investors. He thinks Apple users see complexity in expanding product lines, confusing product names, and the products themselves. Segall believes that Steve Jobs loved to keep things simple. However, things have changed under its current CEO Tim Cook and the company “isn’t as simple as Steve’s Apple.”

One of the things that Segall finds disturbing is the naming of current line of products. “The S naming has only served to confuse customers, and make it significantly more difficult for marketing to do its job,” he wrote adding: “They see complexity in expanding product lines, confusing product names, and the products themselves”.

Apple has not had the best of weeks with multiple outages marring the technology company in the recent past. Multiple internet services from Apple have been suffering outages in recent days, including iCloud, App Stores, Apple TV, and iTunes. Segall writes: “The fact is, even the best of companies make mistakes from time to time. What’s alarming the Apple crowd today is that the flaws and complexities now seem to be creeping into the products more frequently.”

This is not the first time that Ken Segall has criticized the way Apple is changing as a brand. In the past he called Apple’s product names “weak” and “awkward” in a 2013 blog post.