Is Daniel Radcliffe and Elijah Wood the same?

The latest GIF has had the netizens put to real confusion

Is Daniel Radcliffe and Elijah Wood the same?

Though the two stars have taken up roles to the major characters of the fantasy thriller series both almost at the same time, Harry Potter and Lord of The Rings, with the look alike sharp azure eyes and dark cut hair, the internet has become all baffled up with the latest GIF showing the pair morphing into each other like having had a sip of the "Polyjuice Potion".

The video clip, has become quite a talk amongst the netizens, and common social media posters. The footage shows Radcliffe aged 26 slowly turning into Wood aged 35 and eventually reverting back as Radcliffe. With a simple look at the GIF all that actually seems to be changing is the form of the eyebrows.

The GIF has already, in no time, captured  more than eight million views on picture sharing site imgur, where it is posted with the caption, "The subtle difference between Daniel Radcliffe and Elijah Wood".

Many viewers have openly commented on agreeing with the close similarities the stars have.

One of the commentators wrote, "Honestly, this just made me realise how much they look alike" while another admitted: "It's 5am and it freaked me out when I saw it move lol not expecting that. Honestly thought it was just a picture of the two mixed."

Most viewers were confused on who they were actually looking at as the image subtly transformed in to the stars.

An imgur user noted, "After watching it switch back and forth about three times.... I'm no longer sure I even know which one is which," while another fan asked: "Does this mean Frodo Baggins and Harry Potter are the same person?"


One wrote, "Plot twist: they're the same actor and he has a great makeup artist."

Another bantered, "They would make nice Jekyll and Hyde movie!"

More GIFS of the duo are being released through Twitter.

This is not the first time the stars have been put up to spot the differences test, but this is the first time it has become rather confusingly amusing.


On Marc Maron’s show, Radcliffe said, "We’re both kind of short guys with big blue eyes and brown hair. And we did fantasy movies that came out at the same time.

"If you just come up and say, 'Are you Elijah Wood?' I will say no, and I won’t tell you who I am."

The same has happened with Wood, as he has been mistaken by common people to be Radcliffe.


Wood told Seth Meyers on a show, "I was in an elevator and, you know that thing when you get in an elevator and it's just you and another person?

"But then I could feel his eyes boring into my skull and I thought, oh he may have recognised me, ok that's cool, so I'm waiting for him to get the courage, I'm not gonna pre-empt him.


"Elevator stops at the lobby, doors open, (he) finally gets out the courage, blurts out, 'Daniel Radcliffe', he says, pointing, and I said, 'No!'"