Is the drama naturally intense in Masterchef US?

Unfortunately there are still too many reality shows that insist on showing conflict which, give Americans a bad rap.

Is the drama naturally intense in Masterchef US?

Also typically, American competitive reality shows have a larger share of drama vs other parts of the world, even on the very same format. in other words, the American audience ( & makers alike) for competitive reality shows define drama very differently from other parts of the world.

So the story editors, field directors, casting scouts , producers etc all work towards achieving a certain balance that will keep the show informative yet crucially entertaining so that viewers remain hooked week after week, season after season. 

In MC Australia the contestants and judges are polite, gentlemanly, helpful, lot if harmony and fairness. The opposite is in MC US, the contestants are cocky, over confident and very hostile and except Gordon Ramsay everyone well s grumpy (portrays so I'm sure. in real life they are nice) and umm...looks (pardon me) constipated. It always a delight for me to watch MC Australia! On the other hand, stressful and you can feel the negativity while watching MC US. All I want to know is does the management of MC US instruct/advice people to do so or is everyone genuinely like that.

Masterchef US - Full of Personalities. You don't see contestants in the home cooks, You don't get to see food. The main focus is that unique personality a person has. Loudness of the character, That unique persona is what comes on the screen before their food does. The challenges are not the main orientation but the fights and conversations that go during the challenges are. Gordon Ramsay, No matter how much I respect him and love him for his amazing culinary heights and inspiring career, is known to have a loud personality himself. He adds to all the drama that goes around. Somehow it feels like an intense movie going on.

Precisely, The Americans think that they are the masters of the entertainment industry, but fail at Masterchef.