ISIS claims for the suicide attack on Jordanian soldiers

IS took responsibility for the suicide attack that killed Jordanian army personnel

ISIS claims for the suicide attack on Jordanian soldiers

The Islamic State group has said it carried out a suicide truck-bomb attack that killed six Jordanian security personnel on the border with Syria.

In a statement, it claimed responsibility for the terrorist attack near a makeshift refugee camp in the remote Rukban area last Tuesday. IS has previously threatened to break down Jordan's borders. The kingdom is part of the US-led coalition against the IS. The attack in Rukban was the first of its kind in Jordan since the conflict in Syria began in 2011. Aid workers say more than 50,000 refugees are stranded at the Rukban camp, living in deplorable conditions while awaiting entry to Jordan.

The suicide bomber entered Jordanian territory through an opening used for humanitarian aid deliveries and blew himself up as he reached a military post, said the Jordanian army.

"Jordan will respond with an iron fist against anyone who tries to tamper with its security and borders," responded Abdullah II bin Al-Hussein, king of Jordan, after the attack.

"Such criminal acts will only increase our determination to confront terrorism and terror gangs that target army personnel who protect the security of the country and its borders," he added.

After the attack, the Jordanian army published a statement which read, "We will deal firmly with any vehicle of individual that moves in the area without (prior authorization) because they will be considered enemy targets."

Jordan has in the past carried out air strikes targeting ISIS jihadists and hosts coalition troops on its territory.

Maaz al-Kassasbeh, a Jordanian fighter pilot, was captured by the jihadists when his plane went down in Syria in December 2014 who was later burnt alive in a cage.

In March, Jordan announced it countered an ISIS plot, to carry out attacks in the kingdom in an operation that led to the deaths of seven jihadists.