It was a blunder, but channel pushed me into it: Minister who claimed Muhammad Ali as Kerala Sports star

EP Jayarajan says he was uaware of Muhammad Ali's death when a TV channel telephoned for comment

Kerala sports minister EP Jayarajan who was trolled on social media on Saturday for describing legendary boxer Muhammad Ali as a Kerala sports star has finally come up with an explanation.

Jayarajan blames the TV channel for his gaffe.

According to him the producers of the Manorama News channel did not explain to him about the sports personality who had died.  He says he was travelling and was not aware of the passing away of Muhammad Ali.

When the programme producers insisted he obliged and give a comment,  without knowing about the death of Muhammad Ali.

Jayarajan blames Manorama News saying that by talking to the person concerned, an impression was created in his mind that deceased person must be a Kerala sports person and made his comment accordingly.  But he does not say anything about which Kerala sports person he had in his mind while giving the telephonic comment.

While Jayarajan blames the channel, he is gracious enough to admit that it was a blunder from his side.

The industries minister who also holds the sports portfolio on Saturday said Muhammad Ali has won medals for Kerala and his death will be big loss for the sporting community of the state.

Trolls had a field day and several memes surfaced on Facebook and other social media platforms. The minister’s appropriation of  the iconic boxer was also a big item for news outlets and portals.

This might have prompted him to come out with an explanation.

E P Jayarajan is a senior member of the newly sworn in Pinarayi Vijayan cabinet. He is a central committee member of the CPI(M).