Jaden Smith tweets for the support of Orlando victims

The Orlando shootings turned out to be one of the biggest mass shooting in the history of the US and left the whole world shocked. Many celebrities and people came out in support of the Orlando victims by expressing the sympathies and condolences to the victimised people/family. Jaden Smith also went ahead and tweeted his thoughts on the whole atrocious and unfortunate shooting.

Jaden Smith tweets for the support of Orlando victims

Even after days of the massacre, people are mourning about the sad event, humanity is weeping for the lives which were killed, the eyes and hearts are still heavy with inexpressible pain.

With lives lost, souls departed, blood in the atmosphere, families traumatized, the Orlando Shooting turned out to be the worst mass shooting on the face of the United States.

People are mourning for their losses and crying over the tragedy which shook the entire world.

The gun shots are still resonating like unsettling waves in the atmosphere

Celebrities came out supporting the Orlando Victims by expressing them on platforms and reassuring the LGBT community that this is an attack on humanity and in such adversity we should attempt to stand clustered.

Jaden Smith, 17,has always made it to the headlines because of his abstract thoughts, gender fluidity and the way he has broken down the society according to his observations.

Being open minded and carrying a profound sense of the social aspect of earth, Jaden retweeted some tweets and came in support of the Orlando victims who were killed, by imparting a piece of his opinion about the structure of human society.

Jaden Smith retweeted this photo,
LOLAWOLF on Twitter

He later on went ahead to retweet this tweet, and surely has made it clear that his heart towards the society as a community of differences is equal irrespective of any factor.
The Chosen One on Twitter

Jaden Smith has earlier made statements about his perception of the society and how he processes culture which is around him and has never disappointed his loyal fans because of his unique and profound take on the society we live in.

Jaden’s always come out in support of the LGBT community, and has never lowered his voice or opinion whenever the necessity of coming out and supporting the LGBT arose.