Job hopping is a past for the UAE

With the job market of the UAE in retrospection, many factors have changed in the later times and the development of scarcity of job opportunities in the recent times has surely made employees to prefer longevity with their corresponding employers.

Job hopping is a past for the UAE

Not too long ago, it was probably easy to spot a job-hopper, but it looks like times are changing for the employees in the United Arab Emirates.

With job opportunities getting scarce these days in the market, a growing number of employees in the UAE are preferring to commit to their current employers for a longer period.

Hays which is a leading global professional recruiting group, has conducted a poll on more than 1,500 workers in the UAE to see if the majority of the country’s employees are seeking out to change jobs or not.

The results shown by the study surely depicts that an employee's approach to the company has varied in an unlike manner than it used to be in the previous times when employees strived to change companies. Nearly 94 percent of the poll respondants clearly believe in wanting to stick with a particular company for at least three years.

That’s a drastic change from the previous survey which was conducted in November 2014, when 78 per cent of the respondents said they anticipated switching jobs in the coming year.

Among the employees who believe in keeping their jobs for long, 47 per cent said they plan on staying in their jobs for five years or more, while 53 per cent said they see themselves working for the same organisation for three to five years.

Only 6 per cent, are interested to fetch for new job opportunities every year or two.

Recruiting experts said the decline in the number of employees wandering between jobs may have something to do with the fact that there’s been a slowdown in company hiring.

In context to Job Loyalty, Hays said employers should look after their staff, citing that “loyalty and continuous skills and career development should be mutually inclusive.”

According to this, it is made clear in a message that employees would willingly prefer to be associated to a particular company only if the particular employer chooses to enhance the career, enable more opportunities and look after the professional welfare of the employee concerned.

This means employers need to provide all staff with ongoing training and development, regular reviews and promotional opportunities. They also need to deliver what they promised in the recruitment process so that the reality of working at their organisation matches what they promoted when they were attracting top talent.

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