Judge says the witnesses in Gulbarg case had selective amnesia, 'Jafri's firing triggered attack'

Judge P B Desai while rejecting the argument that the Gulbarg attack was premeditated, said Ehasan Jafri's firing on the mob led to the killing of 69 people

Judge says the witnesses in Gulbarg case had selective amnesia,

The judge who convicted 11 people for life imprisonment and 12 people for seven years  imprisonment in Gulbarg  society massacre, found that a private firing enraged the mob and led them to massacre 69 people. The judge P B Desai accused eyewitnesses of selective amnesia on firing by Ehsan Jafri.

According to the judge the mob was largely involved in stone-throwing and attempting to burn and damage the vehicles, and properties of members of the minority community out side Gulbarg society.

The judge citing forensic report the judgement said "The answer is categorically found, in my opinion, is the incident of private firing on the part of the deceased Ehsan Jafri which resulted in some deaths from amongst the members of the mob and injuries to the number of persons of the mob which infuriated the mob who saw persons belonging to the majority community falling to bullets being fired from the private weapon by Ehsan Jafri.". The mob then according to the judgement turned into an ugly mob which indulged in the massacre of so many men, women and children of the minority community".

The judgement rejected the special investigation team's argument that Ehsan Jafri fired to protect himself.

Though the judge said it was the darkest day in the history of civil society, it categorically dismissed the prosecution charge that the attack was premeditated.

The judge criticised the witnesses for what he called as their selective amnesia with regard to the firing by Ehsan Jafri.

In Naroda Patya case in which 97 people were killed, there was a similar argument by the accused. They said that a truck had run over Hindu provoking them to attack the minority community. But the court dismissed it and awarded life imprisonment for 28 years for Maya Kodnani, minister in Narendra Modi cabinet. The court also convicted 31 others for life imprisonment. Maya Kodnani was found as the 'kingpin' of the attacks.

Ishan Jafri's family have already expressed disappointment in the Gulbarg verdict and said that they will approach higher court against the judgement.