K P Yohannan faces arrest in US, warrant to be issued soon

According to sources arrest warrant will be issued against the GFA president for cheating

K P Yohannan faces arrest in US, warrant to be issued soon

K P Yohannan, founder president of the Gospel For Asia, one of the largest Christian missionary charity is facing arrest in US, it is reliably learnt for rampant financial irregularities. Gospel For Asia (GFA) is based in Texas and is engaged in charity work in different part of the world, with special focus in on Asia.

It is learnt that K P Yohannan, who was frequent visitor to the US is avoiding travelling to his headquarters for the last several months fearing arrest. Earlier he used to spent most of his time in US.

Sunil Sardar president of Truthseekers, who is in the know of things said that they are expecting an arrest warrant against K P Yohannan with in a week.

Dr. David Larry President of the William Carey Foundation in Texas, told NaradaNews.com that scores who have donated money have complained to him against GFA for breaching their trust. He said he never expected GFA and K P Yohannan would work to cheat the devout people of the US by siphoning off their money.

According to sources, a number of former employees have written to the US President to verify whether Yohannan betrayed the devout Christians and others who donated money for GFA by funnelling money to further his personal empire. Recently more than 60 percent of the employees of GFA has resigned after allegations of misappropriation of funds surfaced.

K P Yohannan's broadcast programmes have come down drastically after charges of swindling surfaced. Earlier he who used to address around 800 prayer gatherings across US as part of evangelical programme.

After the alleged misdoings of Yohannan's came to light several other non profits and charities facing heat.

Compassion of India, an organisation which claims to have adopted over 100,000 children have stated that they are finding it difficult since people are less inclined to donate after complaints against Yohannan came to the fore.

K P Yohannan was once invited for prayer breakfast meeting with US president was later denied of this honour after charges of financial embezzlement surfaced.

GFA's main donors are from US.

According to Christian chronicle the credibility of GFA has nosedived after the news of financial irregularities came to be discussed in the public.

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Trouble erupted for the self appointed Metropolitian Bishop of Believers church in February when a lawsuit was filed against the organisation in U S. The main allegation was that the GFA solicited hundred millions of dollars collected as donations mainly from US. The suit alleged that the money was embezzled by K P Yohannan to his personal empire.

The lawsuit was initiated by Dallas based Stanley Law Group.

"K.P. Yohannan and his Gospel for Asia inner circle have been exploiting the goodwill and generosity of devout Christians around the country for years. Gospel for Asia should return all the money it's taken from donors who thought they were contributing to charity," Stanley was quoted as saying by US based web portal christianpost.com

"Between 2007 and 2013, GFA solicited over $450,000,000 in donations from the United States alone, where the majority of GFA's donors reside. Well over one million unique donations are made to GFA each year from tens of thousands of donors who give one time or on a recurring, sponsorship basis. However, despite repeated, explicit guarantees from GFA to donors, only a fraction of the donated money supports the people and causes for which it was donated, as Defendants redirect it for their own purposes," americanbazaaronline.com quoted from the lawsuit.

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The law suit came after the Evengelical Council for Financial Accountability's (ECFA) expulsion of GFA for violating five of their seven core standards. According to ECFA, it provides accreditation to Christian non-profit organizations that "faithfully demonstrate compliance with established standards for financial accountability, transparancy fundraising and board governance". After finding that GFA violated norms of the ECFA they suspended K P Yohannan's organisation.

K P Yohannan whose organisations are mainly administered by his family members own vast swathes of land in different parts of India. He was in the news when he purchased a controversial 2,000 acre rubber estate in Kerala, India.

K P Yohannan had met prime minister Narendra Modi in March, as reports about his wrongdoings were surfacing.