Keep away frizzy hair during this monsoon

Hair care becomes more important during the monsoon season

Keep away frizzy hair during this monsoon

With the pitter-patter of rain in the monsoon comes the fear of frizzy hair, itchy scalp and hair loss. Hair care becomes all the more important in the rainy season because your hair tends to lose moisture content due to high levels of humidity, says an expert.

Fizzy hair is also one among such problems that bothers every individual each day. Your hair becomes rough and dull all the time with an untrue access to beautiful hair. Even if you have dressed well for a party,
hair will probably spoil almost everything. In order to treat fizzy hair, importance lies in knowing its root cause. Some gets these types of hair due to dryness where as other gets it as an impact of the season.

Ashima Kumar, Education Manager at haircare brand Kerastase, has shared some tips:

* The simplest to earliest, non-time consuming way to protect hair in monsoon is to apply anti-oxidant creams or serums onto the hair, whether you are indoors or outdoors.

* Identify your hair type and opt for a nice elixir oil massage every weekend or twice in a week in order to maintain gorgeous silky hair. Alternatively you can also go for good professional hair masks and treatments, suggested by the stylist, to nourish your brittle hair in monsoons.

* Shampoo twice in a week to maintain a healthy scalp. Rain water left on your scalp for longer time makes you feel itchy and your hair is even susceptible to bacterial or fungal infections and may even lead to dandruff.

* Regular conditioning is crucial during the monsoon season.

* During the monsoon season it is important to dry your hair before you leave the house and protect your hair from damage. Make sure you don’t comb your hair when wet.

* Opt for products that will help you protect your hair from drying up in this season at the same time retain the natural moisture of the hair.