Kerala nursing student ragging: Dalit girl from Karnataka college in serious condition

19-year-old Kerala nursing student of a Karnataka college who was forced to drink toilet cleaner by her seniors as part of ragging is now in serious condition in the hospital. The incident shows prevalence of ragging in Indian colleges even after strong stand by the government and Supreme court against it.

Kerala nursing student ragging: Dalit girl from Karnataka college in serious condition

A 19 year old girl from Kerala studying in a Karanataka college at Gulberga is in critical condition and battling for her life after her seniors allegedly ragged her, forcing her to bring toilet cleaner. The nursing student from Kozhikode in Kerala burnt her food pipe and damaged her organs after the incident which took place in the hostel of Al Qamar College of Nursing in Gulbarga. The student has been admitted in government medical college hospital in her hometown.

The incident took place two weeks ago and the girl has reported to have been subjected to verbal and physical abuse by her seniors in the college who used to taunt her over her dark skin color and the fact that she lost her father. Doctors at the medical college have stated that she needs surgery as soon as possible but they can't conduct it as her internal organs are damaged it could be dangerous.

Family members of the girl allege that the police in Gulberga refused to file a complaint. It has been reported by a TV news channel that the college management also tried to hush up the matter. First they admitted the seniors were involved but later went back on their statement and stated there was no ragging case, and the student tried to commit suicide because of some domestic issue.

Kerala government has agreed to pay the medical expenses of the girl as she belongs from a poor family and has sated that it has spoken to the Karnataka government to take strict action in the case against all parties involved including the college. The seniors involved are also reported to be from Kerala.Several Indian states have laws banning ragging, and the Supreme Court of India has taken a strong stand to curb ragging. Ragging has been declared a criminal offence as it has driven many freshers to suicide.