Microsoft to acquire LinkedIn for $26.2 Billion

Microsoft Corporation is all set to acquire the social media platform, LinkedIn making this the largest acquisition by the company in the history of its existence. The deal has been closed on a very handsome price of $26.2 Billion.

Microsoft to acquire LinkedIn for $26.2 Billion

Microsoft has bagged the professional social media website, LinkedIn on a deal closed to an amount of $26.2 Billion making this deal to be the biggest acquisition deal ever done by Microsoft Corporation.

The deal has been proceeded with an intention to bring in jumping figures of business to both the business entities and is believed to make progress in the collective effort despite of the commercial struggles faced by both.

The deal made by Microsoft has an intention of refurbishing the face of Microsoft and with the utilisation of LinkedIn by them, will make it a convenient and more reachable objective.

Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella has elaborated this attempt to revitalize the definition of Microsoft Corporation which has been left behind in the the gathering of the technological world lately.

Mr. Nadella also wishes to outdo the reachable limits of both the entities and expand the horizon of Microsoft Corporation and LinkedIn as well.

Earlier, both the companies had seemed to exhaust the potential of their markets, which generally just stunned the progress of business for both. But with a vision and belief put by Microsoft in LinkedIn and by facilitating each other with collective resources, the aim to boost Microsoft’s revenue and competitive position is pretty much established.

Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella said the aggregate work is divided between tools and workers which are used to get any sort of job done, such as Microsoft’s Office programs, and professional networks that connect workers. The deal, he said, aims to weave those two pieces together.

“It’s really the coming together of the professional cloud and the professional network,” Mr. Nadella said during an interview on Monday.

So basically, with this collaboration of Jobs and workers, Office directly connected to the LinkedIn platform would be enabling attendees to involve themselves more in meetings, in a convenient style and therefore increasing the working efficiency.

Sales representatives using Microsoft’s Dynamics software for managing customer relationships could pick up useful tidbits of background on potential customers from LinkedIn data.

Microsoft is also spotting as a hub of opportunities and business potential. is an online education company offering thousands of video courses in software, creative, and business skills which was bought last year by LinkedIn itself, in a $1.5 Billion deal.

Microsoft has expressed the idea of using lynda videos inside their own software.