New iPhone 7 Leaks, Rumors and Speculation: What to expect from 2016 iPhone

New iPhone 7 leaks, rumors and speculations point towards what Apple has in store for its customers vis a vis soon to launch 2016 iPhone. There is news for Apple fans; take a look at what to expect from the upcoming smartphone from Apple.

New iPhone 7 Leaks, Rumors and Speculation: What to expect from 2016 iPhone

Apple fans are waiting with bated breath to hear some news about what to expect from the next generation iPhone. The hysteria has reached a crescendo before the launch after a leak by supplier of Apple revealed that the 2016 Apple iPhone 7 will be an all-glass device. Apart from that there have been quite a few leaks, rumors and speculations that help us piece together the jigsaw puzzle and come to this conclusion. Find out what will be new in the iPhone 7 in 2016.

3.5mm headphone jack will no longer feature on the iPhone 7. Instead, users will have to rely on either bluetooth or the lightening port. How well will this new feature go down with the users is still to be seen. But going by the reactions when Apple changed the charging port, it is not going to be taken well. The 3.5mm jack plug is a universal feature and a device missing this port means that you can't use your favorite headphone with the iPhone 7 as they won't be compatible. Users will have to rely on headphones supplied by Apple for their music needs.

Leaked blueprints of the iPhone 7 suggest that Apple has designed the smartphone to have speakers at four corners instead of just one. This should improve the overall sound output quality of the smartphone. Users will like this change.

With the Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge smartphones taking the lead in camera quality, Apple needed to take stock of the situation. And so it has done. Apple has designed the iPhone 7 to have more space for the lens of the camera. This hints at a better quality camera making it debut on the new Apple smartphone in 2016.

Overall, users should expect only incremental upgrades in the iPhone 7 smartphone. The big changes like the all-glass design and more will only be seen next year when it will be the iPhone's 10 year anniversary.