News for Apple fans: New iPhone 8 Leaks, Rumors and Speculation; it will look very different

Suppliers have leaked a very interesting feature about Apple's new iPhone 8. You sure want to read this about the 2017 iPhone. Also read leaked information about the 2016 iPhone 7...

News for Apple fans: New iPhone 8 Leaks, Rumors and Speculation; it will look very different

Apple is faced with rumors about its upcoming devices every single time and this year is no different. Apple's suppliers have reportedly revealed a very interesting feature about the new iPhone to be launched later in 2017. Apparently, the next iPhone, tentatively called iPhone 8, will be all-glass! Catcher Technology has revealed that Apple is mulling to drop the aluminum casing for an all-glass look.

This should pique the interest of Apple fanboys as the Cupertino based tech giant now will be using a single piece of glass for the whole exterior unlike in the case of iPhone 4 and 4s which sandwiched the metal frame. The iPhone was in dire needs for a radical redesign, and the timing would not have been more perfect - it is the iPhone's 10th anniversary. However, only one iPhone model is expected to be an all-glass model.

Apart from that, there is also a buzz around the new display screens of the upcoming iPhones. Leaked information suggests that the new 2017 iPhones will come the AMOLED screens which are thinner, consume less power and offer better picture quality. Android smartphones have for long been using AMOLED screens. Clubbing all these facts together points at the possibility of the thinnest ever iPhone ever to be sold in the market.

Also, This could possibly bring the biggest ever change in design in the history of iPhones. At this point it is unclear how Apple is planning to construct the new iPhone primarily out of glass, but there could be a durable metal frame to reinforce the chassis.

Also, leaked blueprints of the iPhone 7 to be launched later this year in 2016 reveal Apple could ditch the headphone jacks and the iPhone 7 Plus will have a ‘superior’ dual lens camera. Sadly, we don't see any change in design from the current iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s.

This should worry Apple as users have been losing interest in their products. Data from Google Trends has revealed that people are more interested in the older iPhone 6 than the iPhone 6s launched last year. Also, the iPhone 5 elicited most search queries. Apple surely must have taken note of this and hence we are now seeing radical innovative changes being brought in to the upcoming iPhone models.

The users losing interest in the product could be as a result of the fact that the iPhone 6s offered incremental improvements only over the iPhone 6. Like the 6s offered a 12-megapixel camera compared to the 8-megapixel camera of the iPhone 6. Also, some features like Live Photos and a 3D Touch screen did not exactly attract eyeballs. It was time for Apple to pull up their socks after Samsung Galaxy S7 regained the top spot in the US market.