News update: Apple hiring Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan as India Ambassador?

Ever since Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan played host to Apple CEO Tim Cook during his India visit, rumors have been doing the rounds about SRK being signed as the brand ambassador of Apple in India. But sources deny the speculation. Find out more...

News update: Apple hiring Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan as India Ambassador?

Apple CEO Tim Cook's India visit was a highly talked about affair with many rumors doing the rounds about the reason reason behind his business trip. Post Tim Cook's India visit, one rumor that gained ground was about Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan being hired as the brand ambassador of Apple in India. PC Tablet quoted sources familiar with the development claiming that the deal had been signed between Apple and SRK which would make him the face of Apple products in India.

The tech website claims the announcement will be made when Apple launches iPhone 7 in India later this year. Earlier in May, Apple CEO Tim Cook was invited to a dinner party hosted by Shah Rukh Khan at his home, where several other big names of Bollywood were also in attendance, including the Bachchans, Aamir Khan and tennis sensation Sania Mirza.Rumor mills went into overdrive after this dinner party and a whole lot of conclusions were drawn from Cook's visit at Khan's place.

The only rumor that made a lot of sense was SRK being signed as the celebrity face of Apple in India, hence the niceties. What got tongues wagging was Tim Cook's visit to movie sets along with president of India's Film and TV Producers Guild, Mukesh Bhatt. He was later quoted as saying that Cook was "keen to see how Apple could partner with the Indian film industry". Also, the fact that Apple is finally taking the Indian market seriously and seeing the country as its next big frontier, adds weight to the claim.

However, conflicting reports state that the rumors about Shah Rukh Khan becoming Apple's brand ambassador are nothing but rumors. ANI quoted inside sources stating the speculations about Shah Rukh being the new brand ambassador of Apple in India are baseless. It quoted the source saying: "The company does not need a brand ambassador in India or anywhere else." Another source told IBTimes India: "It's totally false. This must have come from someone's imagination".

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