Orlando shootings, people pay tribute and Donald Trump pays political justifications

The USA witnessed the biggest mass shooting when an American-born man gunned down 50 people early Sunday at a gay nightclub in Orlando, the deadliest mass shooting in the United States and the nation's worst terror attack since 9/11. A lot of people came out with a sense of love and support to the LGBT community while Mr. Trump was bent on proving some political point.

Orlando shootings, people pay tribute and Donald Trump pays political justifications

The US witnessed one of the most heart wrenching events in its region which defines immense sadness for the social security of general people of the society and is a torment of the exact same magnitude to the curriculum of society.

Pulse (a gay bar) was targeted and was shot down by ISIS associated Omar Mateen, which led to the death of nearly 50 people by leaving more than 50 people in severely injured conditions.

Families lost their love, friends lost their happiness, couples lost their meaning of living and most importantly humanity lost humans.

When the world was soaked in the mourning of the highly unfortunate event that happened on the face of the United States,
When the world was crying for the people who lost a part of themselves somewhere in the shooting,
When the world was lamenting over the inhumanity that has prevailed in the society,
When the world came out for the LGBT community by showing support and love to them,

US Presidental candidate, Donald Trump has been seen justifying his earlier remarks on claiming Islam and Muslims as threats and danger to the balance of the society which he constantly tweeted and adamantly tried to justify on the social media platform, Twitter.

A lot of known faces on twitter came out expressing the grief on the whole event which crumbled humanity in every possible.

kylie minogue on Twitter

This TV reporter went ahead and had shown the last conversation between a mother and her son, who later was not heard or seen of and can make anyone cry over the loss which humanity suffered because of the cowardice act displayed by the shooters.
Brandon Saho on Twitter

Hillary Clinton came out by expressing the support which the nation has to offer to the whole of LGBT community and as a nation she expresses the unification of humanity which is needed in this hour of atrocity.
Hillary Clinton on Twitter

President Obama, gave a speech on the necessity of not giving into fear and lifting up the morale of the scared nation.
The White House on Twitter

With many other people involved in expressing their prayers and condolences on social media, Donald Trump was seen laying emphasis on how his remarks on Islam and Muslims were right and he continuously justified that in his tweet thread, considering his presidential run on the other hand when the rest of the world was lamenting over this lost feeling of humanity.
Donald J. Trump on Twitter

He again went ahead to justify his earlier remarks on the Muslim community by "appreciating the congrats on him being right on his political views" when he tweeted:
Donald J. Trump on Twitter

He also went ahead challenging President Obama by tweeting that he should resign if he doesn't believe in the terminology of "radical Islamic terrorism".
Donald J. Trump on Twitter

No this was not enough for Donald Trump, he further tweeted,
Donald J. Trump on Twitter

A lot of people came out on twitter including celebrities and general twitter users, expressing the support for the LGBT Community, prayers for the victims and heartfelt condolences to the family of the victims.

But Mr. Trump who is charged with so many political intentions, seemed to prove a point which he tweeted multiple times in the same context painting himself by being "Mr. Right" for the US, which gave a faded emotion of him being a normal participant to the love and support to the people of the LGBT community and more importantly, a volunteer for a better society.