‘Parzania mother’ not happy with verdict, will continue to search for her son

The Parsi family of Rupa Modi, is still hopeful of finding their 14 year old son, who went missing during Gulbarga attack

‘Parzania mother’ not happy with verdict, will continue to search for her son

After 14 years Rupa Modi is hoping against hope. She lost her son Azhar Modi, when the Hindu fanatics barged in to the Gulbarg Housing Society killing 69 people. On Thursday when the court found 24 of the accused as guilty she is not  fully happy and says she will continue to search for her son till her last breath.

14 year old Azhar Modi was declared dead after seven years following the standard procedure.

Though the Hindu fanatics were out to kill the Muslims, Rupa Modi and her family belonged to Parzi religion.

"A few days ago, I went to Kerala and Vadodara to find him. I have hope that I will find Azhar one day,"  Times of India quoted  Rupa on the Gulbarga verdict day. She broke down hearing the verdict reports TOI

"There is satisfaction that accused were held guilty. But 24 convicted is too few a number for carrying out massacre of such huge magnitude. I had identified PI KG Erda who was acquitted," said Rupa who has moved out of Gulbarg into a flat in Thaltej.

Roopa and Dara Modys' plight was captured in Bollywood movie, Parzania, which had the mysterious disappearance of Azhar as its central theme.

On the fateful day, Rupa and her children—son Azhar and daughter Binaifer had sought shelter at former Congress MP Ehsan Jafri's house in the Gulbarg society. Husband Dara was not with the family at that fateful day

Rupa pleaded with the angry mob that she belonged to Parsi religion but all fell in deaf ears.

"I will try to find Azhar till my last breath," she said.

Thursday the court convicted 11 people for murder and others for different charges. The quantum of punishment will be decided by the court on Monday.

Zakiya Jafri, wife of the Congress MP, Ehsan Jafri, has already stated that she will appeal against the acquittal.