Prince William uses Father's Day to strengthen child mental health

The royal family up with a campaign to safeguard the mental health of growing children

Prince William uses Father

As a new father, Prince William is all excited on Father's Day with his Heads Together campaign. William, the third in line to the throne who turns 34 on Tuesday, celebrated the Day with his two children, Prince George, who is to celebrate his third birthday on July 22, and Princess Charlotte, who just turned one. William used his profile to draw the attention of all fathers from round the globe to bring mental health issues with their children out in the open.

William wrote on his website, "Today I celebrate my third Father's Day as a father. For me it is a day not just to celebrate how fortunate I am for my young family, but to reflect on just how much I've learned about fatherhood and the issues facing fathers in all walks of life."


He also added that his children's mental health is as important as his own physical health. "In particular, it is a time to reflect on my responsibility to look after not just the physical health of my two children, but to treat their mental needs as just as important a priority," he wrote.

Prince William, Princess Kate and Prince Harry last month launched the Heads Together Campaign online wishing to form an children-friendly environment, safe and comfortable for growing kids where they can be free to open up any of the mental health challenges they face in the normal daily life.

The trio wish the campaign would help parents and children equally in help tackling with the problems of bullying,  suicide, homophobia and other unresolved mental health concerns.

Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge, will raise the profile on bullying, cyber bullying and suicide among young men. Prince Harry is focusing on "invisible injuries" many veterans face after they return from the battlefield. The Duchess of Cambridge will spearhead the initiative on challenges children and young people suffer.

"So many of the issues that adolescents and adults are dealing with can be linked to unresolved childhood challenges,"Prince William wrote on the website.

Prince William made use of the special Father's Day to remind all parents that the mental health of their children is as important as the physical health and should be given priority.

"I have been really disheartened to learn that even with all the progress made in recent years, many parents would still be ashamed if their children had a mental health problem," William wrote on the Heads Together website.

"We know that fathers find asking for help harder than mothers," he added. "So on this Father's Day, I encourage all fathers to take a moment to ask their children how they are doing. And know that if your son or daughter ever needs help, they need their father's guidance and support just as much as they need their mother's," he wrote.

The Heads Together campaign will be the single biggest initiative Prince William, Princess Kate and Prince Harry will undertake over the next year and they hope to change the conversation on mental health.