Private Ramadan Tents will lead to Dhs1000 fine in Dubai

The Dubai Municipality has recently warned the house owners residing in Dubai regarding the set up of Private Ramadan Tents during the month of Ramadan. A slapping fine of Dhs1000 will be charged, if anyone found setting up Ramadan Tents.

Private Ramadan Tents will lead to Dhs1000 fine in Dubai

Setting up private Ramadan tents is strictly banned, Dubai Municipality official warns house owners.

Nasser Shayea, head of building inspection unit at DM, said hundreds of private tents are set up in different residential areas of Dubai as residents are unaware it is against the municipality rules.

"During the holy month, house owners welcome large numbers of guests. To preserve the privacy of their homes, they put up personal outdoor Majlis in their yards or on the roads," said Shayea.

He stressed on the fact that the setting up may lead to Dh1,000 fine. "We give residents two weeks to remove tents. If no action is taken, we confiscate the tent and apply a Dh1, 000 fine."

Jumeirah, Umm Suqeim, Barsha, Warqa, Mizhar, Rashidiya and Muhaisnah are among the major areas where tents are set up pointed out by Shayea stated that banning them goes back to safety reasons.

"Private tents add pressure on electricity and water services. Wrong use of electricity and setup materials can pose a threat on residents' wellbeing. Add to that, road congestion and inefficient use of parking space can cause inconvenience," he noted.

Shayea highlighted that permits are given to set up private tents only on weddings and funerals and that too for 3-4 days.

The procedure goes through an organising company under the municipality's supervision to make sure safe temporary materials are used, he said.

He added that awareness drives on social media have been launched, yet some habits never change.

"Many residents complain about the ban, but it is important they understand that rules are issued for the safety of the community," he said.

Commercial tents

Dawoud Al Hajri, CEO of the Planning Department at Dubai Municipality, said permission to set up Ramadan tents is limited to hotels and charity associations.

Hotels are allowed to set up tents only within their premises or the radius of their hotels, while charities can set up iftar tents that do not cause traffic inconvenience.

He said 23 Ramadan tents have received approvals so far, highlighting that 5-star hotels in Dubai usually request permits every year.