Ramadan 2016: Here's what you need to know while you're in Dubai

The Holy month of Ramadan is all set to start within a handful of days with the atmosphere packed with its preparation before the first fast begins. The UAE has its own style of blending with the flavour of this month and encourages the effort of making this month of worship to be convenient and graceful for the people residing in the UAE

Ramadan 2016: Here

The month of Ramadan will be observed in the hot season of the UAE which is most likely expected to being from Monday,June 6 (1437 Hijri), and will probably end around Tuesday July 5.

In this hot season, it will surely be a hot atmosphere for the people who will be observing fasts, with the average temperature in Dubai in the month of June to be around 40 degrees Celsius (and remember, the average takes temperatures from both day and night into account or an average of the maximum and minimum temperatures observed in a day, the daytime temperatures tend to be higher. Therefore, people will be fasting in the higher temperature scale).

Studies by Arab Union for Astronomy and Space Sciences, show that the general temperature will be high as 50 degree Celsius in the Gulf countries during the Holy month of Ramadan.

Throughout the month the sun is expected to rise between about 5.02am and 5.06am, and it will then set between 7.34pm and 7.39pm.

This implies that the fasting hours will be as lengthy as 15 hours every day during the month of Ramadan.

Last year in early June temperatures in Al Ain hit 50.5 degrees, and when the weather gets that hot the government recommends people stay indoors and avoid direct sunlight, so those fasting will want to do the same.

Since, the season of Ramadan is all set, we give you some pointers on how to beat the heat, how to embrace the month and some general things to do while living in the UAE,

1. Keep yourself hydrated during the non fasting hours.

Since the month will be accompanied with scorching heat, it is advised to drink a lot of water to beat the heat so as to prevent conditions like dehydration, exhaustion and heat strokes. Try to go out in the sunlight least possible.

2. Involve in the spirit of the month
Try to involve the most of yourself in the community spirit. Say ‘Ramadan Kareem’ to friends and colleagues, introduce yourself to those neighbours who don't happen to know you well, organise an after-work iftar, and invite, colleagues, friends and family.

3. Embrace the non fasting hours as well

Ramadan is a month when shops, eateries and markets start to function in the later half of the day and making the nights more beautiful, happening and graceful. Embrace the late nights and discover a side to the UAE you may not get to see otherwise.

4. Perform your bit of social service
Involving yourself in selfless social service is always a noble act. Many of us get caught up in the general life, that we forget to pay our voluntary regards to the society. Ramadan should revise your charitable approach to the society by involving yourself in a wide range of charitable and volunteering organisations the UAE has to offer.

5. Be respectful of people

UAE being the home of numerous people, hailing from different backgrounds and cultures is a home to many non fasting people as well. Though you might not fast but don't forget to be respectful as a human towards the people who fast. It’s frowned upon to dress inappropriately, eat, drink or smoke during daylight, play loud music or swear in public. At the very least these things are frowned upon and will cause discomfort to others, and at worst you may find yourself in trouble with the police or fined.

6. Embrace patience in daily activities

Working hours are likely to be shorter (and perhaps a little less productive), those who are fasting tend to be tired, and the UAE’s roads will be more hectic at times. Try to keep calm while maintaining relations with people as well, lose the anger on petty issues, involve yourself with smiling and greeting people.

7. Shop till you drop
The month of Ramadan involves a lot of shopping. Markets and shops are clustered with people in and around because of the discounts, new arrivals and the general uplift in culture during this month.

8. Lastly, do not miss it and live to the fullest in Ramadan

Lots and lots of expatriates tend to head out of town during Ramadan, but it’s one of the most vibrant times to live in the UAE. The culture carries the essence of happiness, joy, gratefulness and holiness. Would you like to miss all of this? UAE always welcomes people and this is month is special in its own way.

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