Ramadan the time for virtue: Save food and serve others

Dubai municipality is coordinating with charity organisations and donors to supply food to indigent families.

Ramadan the time for virtue: Save food and serve others

UAE: This year Ramadan focuses on less cooking, less grocery shopping and minimal wastage of food in the UAE.

The Dubai Municipality is coordinating with charities and donors to supply the surplus food to underprivileged families and to ensure that food is not wasted. The Dubai Municipality targets on less food wastage and to feed the poor and needy people.

The Food Safety Department of Dubai Municipality has launched Heafz Al Na'amah initiative to utilize the surplus of food in a healthy and organised manner and contribute in palliating the suffering of needy individuals.The Dubai Municipality focuses more on food safety and food donation. Senior food health inspection officer Thani Al Marri, highlighted the municipality's role in safe food donation.

Royati Family Society started an initiative , Sahem three years ago that mainly focuses on collecting food across the city and distributing it amongst the needy people. During every Ramadan, a group of motivated young men and women participate in this food drive so that laborers and less fortunate segment of the society get meal boxes.Many charity organization and donors have came forward to coordinate with Dubai Municipality.

Lina Kilani, head of social projects at Royati Family Society said that through this drive they extend help and support to the less privileged people living in Dubai, Ajman and Sharjah. And they do provide essential food items to them during Ramadan season every year.

During Ramadan, they will be focusing on Iftar tents hosted by restaurants and hotels across Dubai and will try to limit their food wastage by coordinating with them to donate the excess food. They will also focus on raising the awareness among the community through social media on the same issue and guiding them on how to limit it while preparing food at home or grocery shopping, Lina Kilani added.

Sponsor Meals

The campaign 'You Sponsor, We Deliver' by Health Factory and Epicure, supplies Iftar meal boxes costing Dh10 each at labour accommodations and mosques. There are also facilities for corporate groups and individuals to order meal boxes in bulk and a minimum order worth Dh50 will be delivered at the desired location without any extra transportation charges.

Karan Chauhan, marketing specialist at Health Factory, said they have started the Iftar meal box concept for charity in 2015. The price of a meal box is reduced to Dh10 this year from Dh12.50 last year . They have already received order for 1,000 boxes. We are targeting to deliver 15,000 boxes this year.

More than 2,500 Iftar meals are delivered by Danube Group every day during Ramadan.Danube Group founder & chairman Rizwan Sajan said that in many locations across Dubai, Sharjah and Oman receive a total of more than 75,000 Iftar meals. One of there popular yearly initiatives concludes with a lucky draw amongst blue-collared workers which offers free Haj trip for two winners, he added.