Relishing Monsoon Cocktails at home

We bring you a small collection of some easily homemade cocktails

Relishing Monsoon Cocktails at home

coktailDo you love sipping  cocktails more than sipping tea  during the monsoons? Bang on! You have entered the right destination. We bring you a small collection of some easily homemade cocktails by Chef Vijay Anand Bakshi –  Head of Culinary Operations, Barbeque Nation, that are not only simple and easy but can definitely help you to banish away those rainy blues.

Spicy Jalapenos Margarita



Tequila – 45ml

Triple Sec – 25ml

Jalapenos – 3-4no.

Lime juice – 25ml

Garnish – Sugar rim with lemon slice


Gently muddle the jalapenos add the rest of the ingredients and shake.

Fine strain in a chilled glass with sugar rim.

Chef’s tip: Serve in Margarita glassware




Vodka – 60ml

Dried Apricots - 8 chunks

Apricot Jam – 2 bar spoons

Lime juice – 25ml

Kaffir Lime – 1 leaf

Garnish – Kaffir lime leaf


Muddle dried apricots and jam. Add lime juice, Vodka and broken kaffir lime leaf. Shake and fine strain in a chilled martini glass.

Chef’s Tip: Serve in martini glasses

Botanical Bloody Mary



Vodka – 60 ml

Celery Salt – A Pinch

Lime juice- 20 ml

Tabasco sauce – 2 dashes

Tomato juice – 120ml

Garnish – Fresh Parsley sprig and salt rim


Add all the ingredients in an ice filled and salt rimmed old fashioned glass and stir to mix well

Chef’s Tip: Serve in old fashioned glassware