RIP: iPhone maker Apple pays tribute to the legendary boxer Muhammad Ali

With Muhammad Ali passing on Saturday at the age of 74, a lot of people paid their tributes to The People's Champion. Apple paid its tribute by dedicating the whole homepage of their official website to Muhammad Ali, who was a part of Apple Inc.'s "Think Different" campaign.

Apple is today commemorating the life of boxer Muhammad Ali with a fullscreen homepage tribute, who died in hospital on Friday at the age of 74. The quote reads: ‘The man who has no imagination has no wings’.

Ali directly represented Apple’s brand in the Think Different campaign.

The homepage of the website shows a black and white picture of Muhammad Ali with a quoted caption,

“A man who has no imagination has no wings.”

We also found a video on the internet specifying Muhammad Ali’s association with Apple Inc. during the company’s “Think Different” campaign.

Apple Think Different ad – Muhammad Ali (1997)

When Steve Jobs announced the video it was as a metaphor for Apple fighting against Michael Dell who famously stated that Apple was dead and the company should just return the remaining money to its shareholders.

Steve Jobs hammers Michael Dell (1997)

Apple executives Tim Cook and Phil Schiller have also shown their respects on Twitter.

Philip Schiller on Twitter

Tim Cook on Twitter