Sarah Graham to take Indians on virtual African food safari

Sarah Graham wishes to take Indians with her show to unspoilt corners of Africa

Sarah Graham to take Indians on virtual African food safari

Celebrated South African cook, author and food writer Sarah Graham will be back on the television screen in India with her show “Sarah Graham's Food Safari”. She describes the experience of exploring the taste and aroma from “unspoilt corners of Africa” as “magical”, and hopes it also casts a spell on the Indian audience.

“Sarah Graham's Food Safari” captures the culinary magic on the go and features delicious finds from the exotic locations of South Africa. It will be premiered on TLC on June 13.

“Cooking in such unique, unspoilt corners of Africa was a magical experience for myself, my family, and the crew. The nature of the production demanded we operate as a tight and united team, which made it extremely special,” Graham said in a statement.

The series will take its viewers on a gourmet journey, filmed through some of Graham's favourite spots in South Africa, with various remote places with breathtaking backdrops.

She says the series not only promises salivating taste buds, but is also a treat to the eye.

“We cooked delicious, simple food outdoors in the bush in almost every episode, which included breathtakingly beautiful backdrops that were often dotted with elephants and giraffe, and even lions on occasion. I hope that viewers in India will love being part of our food safari journey,” Graham added.

The road trip will begin with Graham preparing food an extensive meal for her friends and family in the scenic outdoors of Zimbabwe. Along the way, the viewers will go on early morning adventures in the wilderness.

Graham will share culinary tips, offer new techniques of cooking and exotic recipes from her home.