See this 11-year-old Mexican Muslim in Texas taking on "Dump" Trump

�He has two strikes against me. I didn�t do anything, and I�m only 10 years old. I�m Mexican and I�m Muslim,� the teenager blogger says

See this 11-year-old Mexican Muslim in Texas taking on "Dump" Trump

A 1.23 minutes-video posted by an 11-year-old video blogger from Texas has gone viral on social media. In the video, the Texas fifth grader says that if the Republican presumptive nominee Donald trump wins the US presidential election, he will become very sad.

“He has two strikes against me. I didn’t do anything, and I’m only 10 years old. I’m Mexican and I’m Muslim,” the teenager blogger says.

So far, he has made a couple of videos taking on Donald Trump for his Islamophobic attitude. According to reports, his videos have drawn a fair amount of positive and negative comments,

His song about Trump has also received a wide attention.

“Donald Trump. Donald Trump. That guy should really live in a dump. That fool, he’s not cool, He’s bad, and that makes me mad. I get sad when I see his face, ‘cause he’s always judging other people by their race.” He sings in the tune of Spiderman theme song.

“I am Mexican and I am Muslim and I am Trump’s biggest nightmare,” said Andrew, in an interview to Fusion news.

According to the Fusion news, he started his page on Facebook while he was seven, with the help of his mother Nahela Morales. Though the initial intention of the page was to keep in touch with his Mexican friends, he started later on posting videos against Trump and his racist comments.

Now, Andrew knows how to make videos on his own and how to post it on Facebook.

“My mom said if I wanted a Facebook page I have to manage it by myself, and I had to agree to that,” Andrew says.

“I don’t have my own phone, I use my mom’s phone. I sometimes secretly take her phone to record a video to surprise her.” He says, while his mother says that she will give him a phone after he turned 12.

His Facebook page which got 5,000 likes as of now, has been getting very good comments and responses.

His mother Morales believes that now the responsibility to manage the page has increased.  “As a mom, it’s a blessing but also a responsibility because all eyes are on my child,” she said.

According to a facebook post of Morales, she accepted Islam after 9/11 attack. She claimed in her post that she tried to learn about Islam after the shocking attack which ultimately led her to accept Islam.

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